Technical information
for laypeople

It’s easy to find a technical writer to write end-user documentation, online manuals, and online courseware. But it’s not so easy to find someone whose technical writing works for a broad audience and functions in the field.

We specialize in writing, editing, and overhauling documents so that they make sense from beginning to end. While that may seem the job of any technical writer, the fact is that few understand what they write. They don’t see the gaps in logic and they don’t know the right questions to ask when information is missing or doesn’t make sense. When writers don’t really understand the processes they are documenting, they can’t possibly create logistically solid and effective materials for the intended audience.

We’re different. When we work on a document, we know that if we don’t understand it, lay readers won’t either. We know what their questions will be. Because we speak the language of technical people, we know how to ask those questions, and we understand the answers. We comprehend, translate, and deliver meaning.

Our specialties:

  • Revising problem documentation including restructuring, rewriting, and finding and fixing "broken" passages
  • Interviewing experts to accurately develop the material
  • Writing high-quality courseware with the user in mind