What’s your story?

What do you need to tell the world about?

  • An urgent cause?
  • An innovative product?
  • An exciting breakthrough in research?
  • The story of your life?

We provide a comprehensive array of content development and publishing services to business and nonprofit clients, as well as individuals. With our trusted network of publishing professionals — including graphic designers, proofreaders, indexers, programmers, and production managers — our team offers a complete communications solution.

We write web content, newsletters, press releases, jacket flaps, catalog and print ad copy, and strategic reports. We edit text in all forms from billboards to book-length manuscripts.

The topics we’ve worked on form an interesting cornucopia. Memorable highlights include organic farming, poetry, pregnancy, animal training, massage therapy, human resources, linguistics, urban sprawl, hydrogeology, breastfeeding, music history, dermatology, and the Toyota Production System. Otolaryngology? Sure, we’ve got that.

What can we do for you?


"I've worked with Gale Pryor on several strategy writing projects. She's excellent at gathering requirements and client needs. She consistently delivers good work. She also has a sincere intellectual curiosity about what a client is trying to say; her approach is never cookie-cutter.”  
Omar Roca, Magic Hour Communications