Check your watch

We know how important 30 seconds can be. That’s all the time a buyer is going to give your product before deciding to purchase or to pass. Whether product copy, catalog descriptions, jacket flaps, ads, brochures, websites, or packaging, we write words that grab your buyers, and induce them to stick around a little longer.

We draw on more than 20 years in publishing, where we wrote jacket, catalog, and direct mail copy for hundreds of books, from children’s picture books to poetry anthologies to medical encyclopedias. We learned how to capture the essence of a book in a few words, make its subject relevant to the reader, and tuck in a few words that reviewers would find useful in their own summaries. These skills, which are invaluable in any marketing effort, served us well over the years as we diversified into other markets.

Whether it’s for dog treats or freshly baked bread, our product and packaging copy is warm, real, and irresistible. We believe that every piece of writing involves the telling of a story, no matter how concise. Your product has a story — and your customers want to hear it.


“I have worked with Miranda on a very difficult product line. Her skills and insight have been valuable and 'right on' for the market. Miranda has a concise, clear way of presenting the challenge at hand, organizing the work team and effectively ensuring that things are done on time. I recommend her highly.”

Pamela Pattavina, Director of Marketing
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center