How does your garden grow?

Writing a book is a lot like growing a garden. It’s hard work and sometimes you feel you’ll never see the end of it. It can take years, and a lot of weeding. Like the garden you dream of, the book in your head may be quite different from the one taking shape on paper. How can you turn your vision into a book?

Consider Pen and Press your landscape architects. We’re the busy crew that pulls up in front of your home with a truck full of rakes, pruning shears, and fertilizer. We’ll bring along our 30 years of experience in developing fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, poetry, and personal narrative to help you shape the book in your mind into a readable, publishable manuscript. We’ve written titles of our own (and grown gardens), and we know how to get you from an idea to a bound book.

While every book project needs to be assessed on an individual basis, we offer two basic evaluation packages. You might also want to peruse a collective list of the books we’ve brought to fruition, in various aspects of the publishing process.


“Shortly after I embarked on my first attempt at writing a book, I was introduced to Miranda at Pen and Press and very quickly learned that researching and writing is of little importance without the expertise and guidance of a professional to edit, rewrite, proofread, and take over the process of producing a result I could be proud of. Miranda did all of this and much more. I will be indebted to her forever.”

Richard Rodi, author of A History of the Rhode Island Philharmonic, Providence, RI

Improper pronouns, disagreeable verbs, and nonsensical nouns — Miranda is a sharpshooter who will take you out!

Kia Ricchi, award-wining author of Avoiding the Con in Construction

“When my friend, a published writer, recommended Pen and Press as a source for review and advice on my first manuscript, little did I know how thorough, thoughtful, and valuable their suggestions and comments would turn out to be. The macro- and micro-analyses, complete with annotations, flagged paragraphs, and constructive criticism (as well as kudos!), have provided me with first-rate tools with which I may target and revise areas of needed improvement. Rock-solid advice from a well-organized editorial service.”

J. Michael Wall, Puyallup, WA

“When I finished the first draft of my novel, I knew it could be stronger. But I also knew that I was too close to the work to know what it needed. Fortunately, a writing friend urged me to try the editorial services offered by Pen and Press. Taking her advice, I sent my manuscript to the editors there. And a few weeks later, I was delighted to receive a six-page critique offering some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten on a manuscript. Thanks to Miranda and Gale, I’m now able to make the revisions necessary to produce a much stronger book.”

Lee Hoffman, Carlisle, MA