More than an earful

Parents get a lot of advice these days. Every stage of raising children has its experts, researchers, magazines, and books. Unfortunately, too much of the information offered to parents is confusing or contradictory, or highly impractical. Parents deserve better. Pen and Press provides a voice that speaks to parents; writing that cuts through the complexities of modern parenting to give busy mothers and fathers the facts and support that they need.

We have a thorough grasp of current pediatric and obstetric research and issues in education and child care. We discern research results that are of practical importance to parents and other lay readers, and deliver the data with clarity and readability.

This expertise applies to a selection of other health media topics, from cancer to autism spectrum disorder. Whether writing for a parent or a patient, we deliver accurate information with warmth and understanding.


“Gale Pryor is a wonderful writer and researcher, and has a perfect tone and writing style for parenting communications. She is a nationally recognized expert in breastfeeding information and related health topics. Within aggressive deadlines, she ably wrote the content for our e-newsletter, eCareConnect, read by over 80K users weekly. As Senior Writer for The Parent Review, our quarterly newsletter with a circulation of 100K, Gale writes, edits, and coordinates content. She is smart, able, and easy to work with.”

Betsy Weaver, EdD, Founder/President
TPR Media

“I am a pediatrics resident here at UVA and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the eCareConnect e-mails. Yes, I already know most of what's in them, but they are still timely, well-written, and so in line with what the American Academy of Pediatrics promotes.”

Resident, University of Virginia Health System