Credibility matters

Academic publications require solid expertise and flawless execution. Pen and Press has decades of combined experience in editing medical textbooks, academic journals, and preparing research data for publication. Whether your readers are peers or patients, we prepare documents, papers, brochures, newsletters, and jacket copy that are clear, accurate, and readable.


“As a scientist who regularly writes for both technical and broader, audience-based journals, I wouldn’t think of submitting a paper for publication without first having Miranda at Pen and Press edit the document. Miranda has caught some errors that would have been embarrassing, and once things are out in the literature, the mistakes remain forever. When I submit a manuscript, I am confident that it is in the best possible shape. Her knowledge of technical editing is unparalleled, and I cannot overstate her importance in my publications.”

Professor Jennifer Rivers Cole, Director, Environmental Studies Program,
Earth and Environmental Sciences Department,
Northeastern University